China Good quality Xinjintuo Portable Quick Jack Vehicle Scissor Hydraulic Car Jack Lift Made in China Oil Cylinder vacuum pump booster

Product Description

Product Overview

HangZhountuo heavy duty electric hydraulic quick  jack scissor portable car lift

Accurate design/Stable lifting/Applicable to a variety of scenarios

Product Description:
1. Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-grade Q235B carbon steel, our car lift is robust and stable, supporting up to 5000lbs weight capacity. The 11″ extension plate expands the contact area, making the portable car lift ideal for accommodating long-wheelbase vehicles trucks, SUVs, and various mainstream models on flat, CHINAMFG surfaces (not recommended use on slopes).Enjoy the confidence of stable support without any wobbling(extension plates not included, but optional).

2. Adjustable Lifting Height: The car lifter for garage features 4 adjustable lifting columns; you can effortlessly modify the columns’ height by up to 3.2″. And achieve a whole lifting range from 9.06″ to 25.6″. Additionally, the 4 lifting pads support 5.12″ to 18.5″ lifting range, providing CHINAMFG space to easy access underneath the vehicle for maintenance and inspections(four adjustable lifting columns not included, but optional).

3. Enhanced Safety Features: Our car lift table is designed with your safety in mind. The mechanical safety locks secure the vehicle in place once lifted to the desired height, preventing any unwanted sliding. The lifting pads have a rubber contact surface, ensuring a strong grip and slip resistance.

4. Convenient Mobility and Storage: Equipped with 4 high-strength nylon pulleys, this 4 post car lift can be moved effortlessly. When not in use, the foldable design allows for easy storage. The car scissor lift also includes 2 sets of handles, making it a CHINAMFG to hang on the wall for convenient and space-saving storage (hooks or nails not included).

Please consult the product manager for more product functions and introductions!


Quick jack scissor portable car lift specification

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Detailed Photos

         PURE COPPER MOTOR WITH STRONG POWER                                      REMOTE CONTROL
        The electric hydraulic system has strong power                                             Control the lifting and lowering of the lift

         REINFORCED OIL CYLINDER                                                                     LOCKED POSITION
          High quality oil pipe lifting without pressure, joint                                           Prevent the locking rod from leaving the track.
        sealing without oil leakage.

         TWO HANDLES                                                                                             BOTTOM-MOUNTED WHEELS
         Work with hooks for hanging storage                                                             For effortless mobility

      Extension board (optional *2pcs )                                                          Spiral elevated column (optional*4pcs)

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Company Profile

HangZhou CHINAMFG AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was founded in 1996, which is located in HangZhou city. It specializes in auto body repair system, auto lift and tire equipment with technology development, product development, production, sales and service. Our company has passed the ISO9CE certified 3000kgs inground car scissor lift for sale, and our products has got CE approved, now we have some national patents, which show that we have a professional R&D Team. Our auto body repair system has been widely exported all over the world and are widely used in various domestic and foreign repair shops and 4S vehicle maintenance stations. We has participated in domestic professional equipment exhibitions and global body repairs in Las Vegas for several years. The Equipment Exhibition (NACE) has won unanimous praise and has become a world-renowned professional equipment manufacturer.
Welcome you choose “HangZhouNTUO” brand, We will provide you with our heart.


1. Are you a trading company or factory?
Answer: We are factory. We manufacture this full-rise scissor lift in our own factory.
2. Does your lift have any certificate?
Answer: Our lift is CE certified and comply with ISO.
3. What is your lift quality?
Answer: We manufacture good lift from good material, good component and nice welding.
4. What is our price?
Answer: Our good lift has nice price, the lift is commercial grade.
5. What is your warranty?
Answer: For our lift, the cylinder has 3 year warranty, the lift has 1 year warranty.
6. What if the lift is not working during warranty?
Answer: We will send the defective part for free.
7. Do you supply installation?
Answer: We test every lift before packing, and we install the lift mostly before packing. We also have manual and video.
8. What is the payment term?
Answer: We mainly take T/T(30% Deposit, 70% before shipment), L/C, Paypal, Credit Card is available.

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After-sales Service: Technical Support
Warranty: 12 Months
Type: Double Cylinder Hydraulic Lift
US$ 750/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)


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portable scissor car lift


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

lift cylinder

How does a lift cylinder contribute to efficient and reliable lifting?

A lift cylinder plays a crucial role in enabling efficient and reliable lifting operations. Here’s an explanation of how a lift cylinder contributes to efficient and reliable lifting:

1. High Lifting Capacity:

Lift cylinders are specifically designed to provide high lifting capacities. They can generate substantial force to lift heavy loads, making them well-suited for material handling tasks that involve large or bulky items. The high lifting capacity ensures that the cylinder can effectively handle the intended load, contributing to efficient lifting without the need for additional equipment or manual labor.

2. Precise Control:

Lift cylinders offer precise control over the lifting process. By regulating the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid, operators can achieve accurate positioning and controlled movements. This level of control allows for efficient and precise placement of the load, reducing the risk of damage to the load or surrounding objects. The precise control also enables operators to optimize the lifting process, saving time and effort.

3. Smooth and Stable Operation:

Lift cylinders provide smooth and stable operation during lifting operations. The hydraulic system ensures that the lifting motion is steady and controlled, minimizing jerking or sudden movements. This smooth operation is important for the safe handling of delicate or fragile materials. It also enhances operator confidence and reduces the risk of accidents, contributing to reliable lifting performance.

4. Quick Response Time:

Lift cylinders offer quick response times, allowing for efficient and timely lifting operations. When activated, the hydraulic system quickly directs fluid into the cylinder, initiating the lifting motion. This rapid response time reduces downtime and enables operators to complete lifting tasks more efficiently.

5. Durability and Reliability:

Lift cylinders are built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty lifting operations. They are constructed with durable materials and designed to handle repetitive lifting tasks over extended periods. The robust construction and reliable performance of lift cylinders ensure that they can consistently deliver efficient lifting performance without frequent breakdowns or malfunctions.

6. Safety Features:

Lift cylinders often incorporate safety features to enhance reliability during lifting operations. These features can include load-holding valves, pressure relief valves, and fail-safe mechanisms. Load-holding valves prevent the load from dropping in the event of hydraulic pressure loss, ensuring the load remains securely lifted. Pressure relief valves protect the system from excessive pressure, preventing potential damage. Fail-safe mechanisms provide additional safety by engaging in the event of a system failure or power loss. The presence of these safety features contributes to reliable and safe lifting operations.

7. Integration with Control Systems:

Advanced lift cylinders can be integrated with control systems, such as electronic controls or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This integration allows for automation and optimized control of the lifting process. By incorporating sensors, feedback mechanisms, and pre-programmed sequences, the lift cylinder can operate efficiently and reliably with minimal operator intervention.

In summary, a lift cylinder contributes to efficient and reliable lifting through its high lifting capacity, precise control, smooth and stable operation, quick response time, durability and reliability, incorporation of safety features, and integration with control systems. These features and capabilities ensure that the lifting process is efficient, accurate, and safe, thereby enhancing overall lifting performance.

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Can lift cylinders be used in agricultural machinery and equipment?

Yes, lift cylinders are commonly used in agricultural machinery and equipment. Here’s an explanation of their utilization in this context:

Agricultural machinery and equipment often require lifting capabilities to perform various tasks such as loading, lifting, and adjusting components. Lift cylinders provide the necessary force and control to accomplish these operations effectively.

1. Tractors and Loaders:

Lift cylinders are extensively used in agricultural tractors and loaders. These cylinders are typically integrated into the hydraulic systems of the equipment and are responsible for lifting and lowering front-end attachments, such as buckets, forks, or blades. By extending and retracting the lift cylinders, operators can control the height and position of the attachments, enabling efficient material handling, loading, and leveling tasks.

2. Harvesting and Threshing Equipment:

In harvesting and threshing equipment, lift cylinders are employed to adjust and control the height of components such as headers, cutter bars, or platforms. These cylinders enable operators to adapt to different crop heights and ground conditions, ensuring optimal harvesting performance. By utilizing lift cylinders, agricultural machinery can effectively navigate uneven terrain and maintain consistent cutting or harvesting heights.

3. Sprayers and Spreaders:

Lift cylinders are also utilized in agricultural sprayers and spreaders. These cylinders are responsible for raising and lowering the booms or spreading mechanisms. By adjusting the lift cylinders, operators can control the application height or spreading width, ensuring precise and uniform coverage of fertilizers, pesticides, or seeds.

4. Irrigation Systems:

In irrigation systems, lift cylinders are used to control the height and position of irrigation equipment such as sprinklers or pivots. These cylinders allow for efficient adjustment of the irrigation components to ensure optimal water distribution across agricultural fields.

5. Implements and Attachments:

Lift cylinders are widely employed in various agricultural implements and attachments, including plows, harrows, cultivators, and seed drills. These cylinders facilitate the lifting and lowering of the implements, allowing for depth adjustments, ground clearance, and transport modes. Lift cylinders enhance the versatility and functionality of agricultural equipment, enabling farmers to efficiently perform a wide range of field operations.

In summary, lift cylinders have significant applications in agricultural machinery and equipment. They contribute to the lifting, lowering, and positioning tasks required for efficient material handling, leveling, harvesting, spreading, and irrigation operations. By utilizing lift cylinders, agricultural equipment becomes more versatile, productive, and adaptable to the specific needs of farmers and agricultural practices.

lift cylinder

How does a lift cylinder differ from other types of hydraulic cylinders?

A lift cylinder, also known as a hydraulic lift cylinder or hydraulic lifting cylinder, has some distinct characteristics that set it apart from other types of hydraulic cylinders. Here’s an explanation of how a lift cylinder differs from other hydraulic cylinders:

While hydraulic cylinders come in various types and designs, including single-acting, double-acting, telescopic, and differential, a lift cylinder typically refers to a double-acting cylinder. Here are some key differences:

1. Double-Acting Design:

A lift cylinder is generally designed as a double-acting cylinder, meaning it can generate force in both the extension and retraction strokes. This allows for bidirectional movement and greater flexibility in lifting and lowering operations. In contrast, some other types of hydraulic cylinders, such as single-acting cylinders, generate force in only one direction.

2. Linear Motion:

The primary function of a lift cylinder is to provide linear motion for lifting and lowering loads. It is specifically designed to generate vertical movement, making it suitable for applications that require vertical displacement, such as hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, and elevating platforms.

3. Load Capacity:

Due to their design and intended use, lift cylinders are typically designed to handle heavier loads compared to other types of hydraulic cylinders. They are engineered to provide high lifting capacities and withstand the forces associated with lifting heavy objects.

4. Control Valve Configuration:

Lift cylinders often require specialized control valve configurations to regulate their operation. This is because precise control is crucial in lifting and lowering operations, especially in applications where safety and accuracy are paramount, such as in hydraulic lifts or elevators.

5. Application-Specific:

While other types of hydraulic cylinders have diverse applications across various industries, lift cylinders are commonly used in specific applications that require vertical lifting and lowering. They are frequently employed in hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, material handling equipment, and other vertical motion systems.

6. Construction and Mounting:

Lift cylinders may have specific construction features and mounting options to accommodate their application requirements. For example, they may include features like safety locks, cushioning mechanisms, or specialized mounting brackets to ensure secure and efficient operation in lifting applications.

In summary, a lift cylinder differs from other types of hydraulic cylinders in terms of its double-acting design, focus on linear motion for lifting and lowering, higher load capacity, specialized control valve configuration, application-specific usage, and construction features tailored for lifting applications. These distinctions make lift cylinders well-suited for vertical motion systems and applications that require reliable and precise lifting operations.

China Good quality Xinjintuo Portable Quick Jack Vehicle Scissor Hydraulic Car Jack Lift Made in China Oil Cylinder   vacuum pump booster	China Good quality Xinjintuo Portable Quick Jack Vehicle Scissor Hydraulic Car Jack Lift Made in China Oil Cylinder   vacuum pump booster
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